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The big attractive eyes - every girl's dream. Can I retrieve your eyes from my eyes? Look for the answer in this article.
Unfortunately, all the girls are not naturally bright eyes, but you should not be unhappy, because you can express your eyes with most insight with the help of a capable make-up. This will help you in your photo or video lesson.
This is the best example it can do in the pictures. Their eyes grow bigger and bright, and then I'm ready to show the difference.
Some girls believe that makeup of makeup more than insight, but it is not perfect at all. In the following picture, you can see that after applying makeup, the girl's eyes were visualized shortly and lost her naturality.

How can you make your eyes look bigger?

To achieve the effect of a big eye-catching eye, we need to penetrate their shape as much as possible. The best video tutorial and the step-by-step tutorial is the best way to make such make-up technology.
So, it's over.
At the first stage, we brush the upper base (it will help keep the shine in the shadows in the day, which is especially important in creating summer makeup). Combine the base with capping animations with your fingers.
To express the depth and appearance of the maximum, we point to more than the above shadow above the shadow trousers. We do this with a light shade, look at them with their hunger brushes.
Use frozen gray heads to make your eyes look more and more round. Above the upper pipe, it should apply slightly above the archives movements.
The border between black and light shadow with soft cosmetic brush do not forget to slowly shade.
Even to get maximum expressions, apply the color of the light, for example, light pink or badge, not only on the uppermost populated area but a bit more. The light shadow should cover the entire area between the line and the line of the creator. We also do this with arc-shaped movements, shadows should be used in the uniform layer.

Now you need to use a marine pencil, it may be dark or brown. Using the liner, wrapping the top of the pipeline line: In the area of outer and inner corners of the eye, the line in the middle of the century should be thin and thick. It is better that do not refuse the classic shooters of this makeup because they can not see the eyes in a round shape.
Shutter bowl with a desperate brush. The lines of both centuries should be the same. Otherwise, it can ideally give the impression that the eyes are slightly smaller.
Move slowly with a pencil slowly, the line should be thin and should not be kept with the eyelash development line, but just below. If you fail to find the line directly for the first time, you can mark several lines of line with a pencil, and then integrate them into a row. Low Sea Shadow Shadow
For a more refreshing and glowing look, you can add slightly pearl light shade to the bridges of the bridges. It is done using a pencil brush.
If you want to get as much as possible, we can not do it without any curling eyelashes. It is done with special eyelash curlers.
One last thing: Make a casserole, and apply it to a strictly moving process; a 1-2 ink layer will be very much.

Small eyes have to make their eyes look bigger
To increase the effect of the newly created eye makeup, you must emphasize the eyebrows. It will help us with a special powder, aerobic pencil, high light or light shade, eye brush, and a special cosmetic brush.
First, we put powder on the eyebrows so that their color is naturally closer. It helps to fill small segments between the hair.
Needing a little lift to emphasize the eyes, and needs to be deeper, besides it will help visualize the eyes. It is done with a pencil for the eyebrows.
When we apply powder and use a pencil, you need to brush your eyebrows brush.
Use lightweight or color of light shade, using hunger brush in the bottom of the hunger area.

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